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There is a 1933 Hupmobile owner in the Netherlands looking for parts help.


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We have a 1933 Hupmobile owner in the Netherlands looking for parts help.

This is also being posted on the Hupmobile forum.


My HUPMOBILE K-321 from 1933 is tired and needs some new engine parts !!

Beside a few other parts, I am desperately searching for pistons for this 6-cilinder engine.

Is there anyone who can help me with the following questions:

  • Are there any old stock pistons available somewhere?
  • If not, has anybody had experience with finding substitutes?
  • Are there pistons maybe, with the same bore and compression height, which after some machining can be used?

Would very much appreciate if you could reply!

Best regards

Rolf Bloem

Some specific data:

Model K-321Engine 6 cilinder

Engine nr.: KK9309


Bore preferably 3.395 (= 86,25 mm)

Compr.height 2.3 (= 58,30 mm)

Length 4.13 (=105 mm)

Pin 0.878 (= 22,3 mm)


Not car in question but same model, It is a 32.

I will post a 33 photo if I find one.

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