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Paint code -55 Cadillac


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Hello,<BR>I need advise finding the right color for our 1955-6267SX.<BR>Paint no. 90 - Alpine White, L-21 W005 R&M<BR>Interior colors;<BR>Cardinal Red, Dark tone, L-21 R031 by R&M<BR>Platinum (white), L-21 W016 by R6M<BR>Living in Norway, I wonder; how do we mix the colors. <BR>Greetings from Norway<BR>Tom P

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Guest stude8

I just noticed you are in Norway. That may make it tougher to solve than in USA. The problem at this date is the "Opaque" type colors used in the 1950's are so out of vogue and the EPA gestapo has clamped down so hard on paint manufacturers that many of the tinting agents for lacquer and alkyd enamel formulas are no longer available.<BR> <BR>You would do well to simply go to a local paint supply house that works with modern auto repair shops and ask to look at a contemporary color chip book to find the closest match they have ability to mix at this date. Companies here like Ditzler and Dupont offer a wide selection of colors for the truck industry that use tinting agents not usually used for cars. I think there are European companies that would have the same resources. Stude8

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