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'39-'47 Dodge Plymouth Fargo truck parts-radiator brackets


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I have droped-off two radiators to be tested and estimated repair. Good looking conditions but never used, one is off my '40 1/2 ton the other off a '41 also 1/2 ton but sure 3/4 and 1 ton the same size. The '41 side mounting brackets are rusted too far to use and looking to buy. L & R side brackets are soldered to the top and bottom tanks, can be removed easy with small propane tank, pop them off should someone has junker radiator beyond repair I would like to talk. Cannot imagine any other way to come by these brackets. Master Parts Manual does not list as separate part number only raditator assy. number. Anyone? thanks, Rich

I picked up repaired '41 (both same-#591258) by using the side brackets off the '40. He said the leaking of the '40 was multiple leaking area near the bottom of the core, said it probably water was froze in it.

I still would like to buy a pair of the side brackets, re-core the '40 and replace these rusted off (the bottom) brackets.

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Thanks Mike. Yes I still do need both brackets. Parts listings for 1 1/2 ton radiators (and just about all models) are different so I can't tell if they would have changed these brackets, so I sent some pictures of the one that is not rusted in half.

33 inches if tape measure hooked over the top edge of the bracket, bend the measure tape over the complete length, 2 1/2 inch at the wide on the side of the rad., the flange that bolts the rad. to the truck sticks up 1 3/4 inches.

Hopefully this info. will ID yours same as mine. If I knew where locally to look at 1 1/2 ton I would.

the rad. repair guy I'm talking to said he can replace my core with modern type, attach the old tanks and brackets




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Mike, I can see your rad core is thicker than my 1/2 ton, the brackets will be too wide for me. Thanks anyhow.

FYI: the honey comb cores are extreamly hard to find and not made, unless you went to UK, took a loan out from the bank to have one made! May be worth patching up the split tank enough to see if core holds water, my second 1/2 ton came with core is split probably sitting in a junk yard too many years. I am told the tanks brass; cores copper and should solder easily. Rich

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