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1953 Buick Hood Hinge Color


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Guest Rob McDonald

In '57, Buick hinges and springs were galvanized (zinc plated). This photo of a high-dollar restored '53 Skylark at a Barrett-Jackson auction shows the same, I think.


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Guest martylum

RW-on my 53 Skylark the hood hinges were definitely painted black with black springs. The attaching hardware is cad. plated

Martin Lum

53 76X

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On ‎10‎/‎7‎/‎2019 at 11:01 PM, Jimmy G said:

Looking for hood springs for 53 Skylark. Are there springs from other years for this Roadmaster that I can use? Help!!!


First year for Buick's alligator-style opening hood. All ±487,000 1953 Buick Specials, Supers and Roadmasters used the same hood springs: Group 8.013, Part #1161630. They are not listed as Interchangeable with any other year or marque. Why re-invent the wheel?


Al Malachowski

BCA #8965

"500 Miles West of Flint"

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Hello All

The Skylark hinges in 1953 are painted black as are the springs. The hinges through 1955 are painted black, but the spring vary in color, the small series cars have black springs and the large series cars have red springs. 1956 was the first year for Cadmium I, which is the silver cadmium (not Zinc or galvanized) hinges through 1958. Starting in 1959 some are Cadmium I and some are Cadmium II (yellow goldish color).

Hope this helps.


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