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91 Rivi electrical woes


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Considering this 91 Rivi for a beater.

1991 Buick Riviera

Sounds like the CO is fed up with the electrical issues. Anybody have any suggestions as to what could be the electrical problem she is having re dies when warms up? Here is her reply to my inquiry about the car, what exactly was the electrical problem and what work has been done.

The car cranks and runs fine until the motor gets hot, then it goes dead. On the last check 3 codes popped up relating to electrical. I've had no transmission problems at all.

Work done: Digital display, struts replaced, headliner replaced, wiring harness replaced, refurbished computer replaced, several sensors, front windshield replaced. Also, clean interior, good tires and had no rust on body.

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Do you know what the specific codes are? I have a 91 manual so I can look them up for you if you know what they are.

IMO, even though it obviously will need diagnostics, for the price and since its close to you, you should snap it up. The owner also sounds a tad fustrated with the Riv so you might be able to get it for a little less than asking price. Seems like alot of "electronics" have already been thrown at it...wiring harness, sensors, computer (which one?), etc... so after purchase have it checked by a techee for a solution and piece of mind.

The Riv looks to be in pretty good shape 200+K miles. This will be your 2nd 7th generation purchase....need to bite the bullet and join the ROA!

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I would swap out the Ignition Control Module located under the coil pack. They will do exactly what she is describing when they fail. 15 minute job and a used unit from a salvage yard is about $30.00. And the ignition module failure will not throw a code...

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Thanks guys, I'll be talking to her and trying to look at it over the weekend. If she seems to be really in love with the car and might want to keep it, I may suggest she try replacing the Control Module.

Can't believe I let my shop manuals go to the couple that purchased my black one. ;- (

Also, I may not have the funds to purchase (after Santa Claus robs me) so if anyone else is interested and I can help with the transaction, let me know.

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