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89 TC sputters out while driving.


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Have owned car for about 7 years with no problems. Several weeks ago, while driving, a mild stutter occurred and then recovered, about ten minutes later, it stuttered again and began to slow down, stuttering continued until I could go only about 10 mph, this continued for about 5 minutes and finally died. I sat on the side of the road trying to restart with no success, I then waited for about 10 minutes and then it restarted and came up to speed, I was able to drive ok for about 5 minutes and the cycle as stated above occurred again. This cycle occurred 2 of 3 more times until I arrived home. My initial thought was a fuel problem, so I changed the fuel filter and test drove it, but this did not solve the problem. I still believe it's a fuel problem but don't know where to go next, any suggestions?

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