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Chopped off on my chassis (Chrysler CJ)


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Its official, I'm the proud owner of alot of bits... rusty bits.

Finally got the body off my CJ:

Pre lift...


After the lift...






Would really appreciate if anyone out there knows whatever this might have once been, what it was used for, what it should look like as someone has cut the part off and I'm not sure what it did, see pic below...


This is on the outside of the chassis, hidden by the "skirt" over the chassis. On the opposite side of this is where the rubbers are attached to the inside of the chassis to receive the bellhouse. Anyone got any thoughts? Looks like whoever cut a part of it off made a real mess... annoying.

Plenty to be getting on with over Christmas then!

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Guest martylum

Your sidemount rod and bracket remains look very similar to my 1930 Desoto sidemount bracket and rod assemblies. The sidemount rod on my car has LH and RH sides with an angle bend along the length and is taapered at the bottom where it slips into the frame bracket. Do you still have front fenders with the sidemount buckets in them? the Chrysler CJ and the Desoto CK models share a number of items including runningboards, the chassis, possibly front fenders. Both are on a 109" wheelbase. I think I have some extra of some of the hardware which goes with my sidemounts. The CJ might have had the same lockrod and lockrod bracket to secure the spare tires to the buckets.

Martin Lum


1930 Desoto roadster

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