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A vendor name would be helpful.


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Hi, I already posted an ad on the sales boards under "looking to buy" but that usually gets me nowhere except 20 emails from scammers in Europe who always have what I want in stock for immediate shipment...:(..right! So, please don't beat up on me for posting here where I always have gotten good advice.

I need to find the vinyl trim or something that I can use for vinly trim to do the interior back window in my 1965 Jetstar 88. It's the cheapest car Oldsmobile made in 65 and this is a 4 door to boot. It drives like a dream with only 40k actual miles on her. The interior looks like its right out of the showroom; all but the back window vinyl trim which is just turning to dust. Any ideas? Any sources? Any suggestions I would appreciate. I've been looking on various Craigs Lists and Ebay, etc etc. but nothing. I may even be looking or asking wrongly. Whatever help is always appreciated.

Thanks, Tom in the cornfields of Indy.

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"Year One" or "Legendary Interiors" may have the material that you need.

GREAT HELP! Year One definately has what I need and I am ordering...thanks the long look is finally over. I do appreciate the help, and hope I can some day return the favor by helping someone else. I'm sure you know how great it is to finally find something you knew was out there but couldn't locate on your own. And if you don't, well it made today a pretty good day afterall!

thanks, Tom

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