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weight of Fast four enigne and gear box


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I am in Nelson, Your car looks more complete than mine.

My car was stored in a barn since 1959 and has been on the road since then. A number of parts have been taken off it

over the years (not to sure why) but is 85% complete. Engine is seized but is a good start for a re-build project over the next

few years.



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I see you have not been on here since jan, but hoping you will come back

I just brought a 1927 DB fast four and am also in N.Z.

Im in te puke where are you located?

would like to see your car at some stage

Hi nitromad, Bob in Australia I had several 1928 128/29 fast fours over the past 35 years and from your pics you may have a series 128 with 19 inch wheels and four wheel brakes. I have a some what of a stock of parts and information on these cars, if I can be of help with your resto please contact me . " series128@hotmail.com " looking forward to hearing from you .

regards Bob

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Sweet thanks bob will do that, I have been starting to think its a 28 the more I look into it, have not found the numbers yet, (have not really looked lol)

its mostly all there and I have had a drive in it but its missing due to cracks in the cap,

I need the insides to the vacume tank, the guts has been removed and a electric pump fitted, I want to put it back as I like the idea of fuel delivery working against


Ive got new electrics coming from myres, cap, rotor, points, plugs, leads and condensor.

going to Hamilton tomorrow to see a guy whos got a few dodges and bits and pieces he says he may have a tank there.

NZdodge I am going down south in jan next year (motueka) just down the road from you so If theres any large items you need brought down let me know also going to horopito

next week if you need anything from there.

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If you have the original floor boards in the car there should be a plate on the left side toe board with the frame number on it , if not than the number will be above the right front spring hanger, this number is about 8 inches long with numbers of about 3/4 inch high spaced about 1 inch apart . It should start with the letter "A " and have 6 or 7 numbers . Is your hand brake on the back of the gear box or on all four wheels ,that is connected to the cross shaft that the foot brake operates . regards Bob

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Yip have read that in the forums somewhere, just have not had a good look yet, the toe board is missing so the plate is not there was hoping it was in the back seat with the other bits but its not,

will be looking for the numbers next time i get it out of the shed its jammed hard againts the wall with my caddi jammed hard beside it. got a couple more pics from the guy i got it off

will email you when I get the numbers so we can work out what it is and when it was madepost-93764-143141920065_thumb.jpg



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Hello Ian, I dont know why your original post was not answered, I know speaking from experience that sometimes a post is read and a reply is not made cause the reader thinks to themselves that maybe there is someone better qualified to reply and then it is is forgotten by same reader.

Anyway did you get the answer to your questions somewhere else, there has been alot of discussion on this board about this.

Gearbox would use a steam cylinder oil ( 600 weight ) which is very heavy weight, I have heard additives being added even to this though to help better shifts depending on circumstances.

I have learned to shift my own trans over time in a way that I have not had too add any other additives so cannot help any further on this.

Engine oil would be a medium weight non-detergent, hopefully someone here will clarify what they specifically use in their own 4 cyl.

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