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lens for license tag-1936 tail light


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Need the clear lens approx 1 inch wide which goes in the tail light assembly and illuminates the license tag. The lens is clear and curved to fit in the bullet like tail light assembly. Don't know of source for reproduction but mine is broken. Need original or source for repro. Any help would be appreicated. Posted on want to buy but thought would post here as well. Thanks

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Guest KeithElwell

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I have found that those lenses are very rare to find and I don't know of anyone that reproduces them. I do have a lens, I may have several, I will have to dig them out to see. But I also have the materials and know-how to pour a good mold of an original lens to reproduce them. I have considered doing this a few times just haven't done it yet. I have some of the clear epoxy casting resin but I don't know if it would hold up to extended UV exposure or the heat of a bulb nearby, much less heat of Texas summers, etc.

Tell you what, I will pour a rubber mold of my lens if you can help me identify a decent clear plastic I could use to cast the lens. Then I will pour you one to try out, for free. Can you beat that?

Let me know.

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Can't beat that and I will do some research. If you have an extra glass would certainly like to purchase.

I did find a lens for Chevey altho not identical to ours and not sure it will fit. Made by a guy who is sending a reject free to see if I can heat and make it work. It is not identical to the buick and haven't recieved yet. Website for Dave Garner is at


Good site explains how he makes lens and he works with Polyurethane.

The lens to be provided to me discolored but the idea was to see if I could heat and make work and if so, I would purchase new one. Polyurethane is what he uses for a variety of reproduced parts and would appear to be a viable product for use with the lens. Let me know if I can do more and let me know if you find a glass lens which you would be willing to sell. Thanks and appreciate your willingness to help. That is what makes this hobby enjoyable for all.


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