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For Sale: Book, Bristol Cars and Engines, L.J.K Setright, 1974. Rare book!

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For Sale: Bristol Cars and Engines, L.J.K. Setright, Motor Racing Publications, 1974, 160pp, excellent condition. This is a rare book, on the subject of Bristol cars and engines, is in excellent condition. The book was published without a dust jacket. It describes the company's history and the Type 400 to the Type 411. Picked up in England with my long-lost '51 401 aerodyne in 1975. The car is gone, and its now time for the book to follow. $175 plus shipping. Check abe.com, they are priced at $220 to $400! Glenn Hamilton, Dayton, Ohio, 937-477-3298, glenn.hamilton@wright.edu

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