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New parking light lenses from knobsoup

Keith L.

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From time-to-time I update yooz guys with what I'm up to. Here's what's new.

Over the years, several members have requested I make the parking light lenses for the ‘41 Zephyr and Continental.

Sitting high on the front fenders, original glass lenses were perfect targets for rocks and BB guns, and once the gasket holding the lens in it’s chrome frame deteriorated, all bets were off for their survival. For this reason and others, original glass lenses are hard to find and expensive.

These quality reproduction parking light lenses are virtually indistinguishable from glass originals. Molded from a pristine original, they are exact duplicates in detail and translucency. Cast in water-clear, UV stable urethane resin, each lens is inspected and then heat-cured to ensure hardness. Cost is $45.00 each. Priority shipping with confirmation receipt is $7.00

Send me a private message or email me for the latest color price list and order form. Thanks. Keith, knobsoup@gmail.com


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