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Engine paint '54 Lincoln


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Guest melissa
My friend has his '54 Lincoln engine partially disassembled and wants to paint it. Does anyone know what the correct paint color is? Also is this engine paint available?

Hirsch is saying a light green. You could check their website or call them for the exact color.

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Here's the engine out of a nicely restored '54 Capri that has won awards, so it should be pretty authentic:


This is the engine out of an all-original 12,000-mile 1956 Premiere that shows a similar color:


So it's not really green, but a medium turquoise. If you need additional photos, just let me know or have a look on our website in the Current Inventory section where you'll find a bunch of shots of each car's engine bay. I'd be happy to send high-res shots if you need them.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the pictures Matt and I will pass them along to my friend. This should be a big help to him. His car is a very nice original 54 Lincoln 2 dr Hardtop that he has owned for many years. He let it sit too long and when he tried to get it running he had problems with stuck valves. He and a friend, who is a retired Buick mechanic have pulled the heads off for a valve job and he wants to detail the engine now. This should be a lesson to him and all of us to not let our collector cars sit idle for extended periods of time. I keep all my cars running and driving even in the winter months. When the weather is dry and there is no salt on the roads, I get the cars out for some exercise. I try to drive them at least once a month when possible.

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