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My new highly customize Reatta


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Guest Metricwrencher

Very, very nice! I have a soft spot in my heart for Oldsmobiles. My father was a loyal Olds driver and we owned several as I grew up, including a '67 442. My-oh-my, what a monster car. I am also a decedent of the Olds family (thanks ancestry.com). But unfortunately, I inherited neither the mechanical prowess nor wealth from my ancestors. I sure wish Oldsmobile tried to produce a sporty two seatter - but it probably would not have been any more popular than the Reatta, for the obvious reasons.


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Thanks for all the nice comments. I am leaning towards Barney's thougths that it was made from a green '91 convertible. :)

Back in the 50s Oldsmobile did make several concept cars that were two passenger cars but never made it to production. I just got an email from a friend with a pps attachment of many of the 50s concept cars but I tried and tried to copy and paste the pix of the Olds concepts but couldn't do it. Some were pretty radical looking.

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Nice Olds. If I remember they were called spinner hub caps.

The caps on it are '55 Olds Fiesta spinners. The '56 Olds Fiesta spinners were the ones that were very popular on hot rods in the late fifties and sixties.

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