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Winshield Wiper Service


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I happened to come across this 2 speed GM wiper rebuild manual. I though it would be great to share on the forum and then was at kind of a loss as to where to post it. Maybe a Tech or How-To section would be good for these detail things. A lot of good stuff gets written about but becomes part of current things. Maybe an archival section.

Anyway, I'm printing this one out and putting it on the shelf: T-O-P-59-S&M-4

Here is the whole website: http://oldcarmanualproject.com/

Nice site and a lot of information. I donated 10 bucks for the manual. I like volunteers.


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OK Bernie: At this point in time the vast majority of 1960 windshield wiper motors are not working correctly. They either don't work when the switch is turned on or sometimes they won't shut off. Several months ago a gentleman on V-8Buick.com posted a method of repairing them which was to take the motor apart and basiclly clean the paul and re-grease the mechanism. I'm just repeating what I remember and I have NEVER had one apart....however, my friend read the article and repaired the motor as suggested and according to him it works nicely. If someone could find that link......Mitch.

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