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41 Century 3.9 rear fitting a 40 Super?


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... The most difficult part is getting the propeller shaft off the pinon.
And back on again. That why if you can swap out with the torque tube is simpler if the same length. But as above is possible to swap out the gear set with carrier housing only. Just do it. Edited by 1939_buick (see edit history)
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Never mind. He sold it. Sigh. Well, I did see a 39 tooth ring gear for sale for $175 (meant for a 10 tooth pinion which I have). But how risky is it to put on a new ring gear with an old, presumably non-matched, pinion?

Shop manual says Buick only sold and installed as a matched set. Look for later 3.6 or 3.4, unless you can find the complete torque tube/rearend that is the same length.


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