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1962 Olds Starfire engine noise

Guest Len Sholes

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Guest Len Sholes

I am wondering if anyone can help me with a noise that is in the engine of this car at an idle. The engine has been completely rebuilt and once started at an idle it has a popping sound coming from the engine breather. If I take the breather off and put my hand over the filler tube the noise goes away. I thought it was a fuel pump problem so I changed the fuel pump with one from an engine of the same vintage that does not make this noise. At the time of installation I put a gob of grease on the actuating arm. Upon startup the noise was gone but within a few minutes of running it came back. The only connection between the fuel pump and the engine is the lobe on the front onf the camshaft. My thought is that there is a problem with this lobe and actuating arm. Almost like there is to much clearance as once the grease wore off the noise started. However this morning I was talking with a friend who has a 1957 Olds and he tells me his engine has the same nosie at an idle. I am wondering if anyone has come up with a explantion as to what is causing the noise and how to cure it.

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