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1937 DeSoto Coupe Question


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A friend of mine has discovered a 1937 DeSoto coupe that has had all the mechanicals fully restored, this includes chassis/brakes/steering/suspension. The body has been media blasted, and etch primed. The guy who owns it says it owes him 10k so far, and he also reckons there's only about 22 of these known to be in Australia. All the body jewellry is there, etc... but the upholstery would need a birthday.

What would one of these cars be worth these days if the resto was finished?

I told my friend if it's that much complete, and a bit rare, DO NOT rod it, finish the resto, and see what it fetches.

Then again, if it only attracts a pittence, then why not....?

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Is the car is Australia ? RHD ?

A nice type of car: coupes always worth more

But cost of restoration will be more than sale price in my opinion

That last missing/broken body jewellery can(will) cost 100's

Look in the locally produced collectible / classic car magazines sold in Australia [Aust Classic Car, Restored Car]

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In the U.S.A with a nice restoration that car will bring 25k. Maybe a bit more. Most of the ones that you see around driver quality or hot rodded. The drivers tend to be around 20k. Note that the 5-10k differences doesn't quite pay for the restoration. I'm guessing based on the prices of the Dodge & Plymouth.

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