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Wanted to buy. EITHER and 1959 El Camino OR a 1969-1971 Dodge Adventurer. Willing to pay fair price!! MUST BE MECHANICALLY EXCELLENT and COSMETICALLY VERY GOOD to EXCELLENT. Would prefer in Northeast however distance no object if truck is sound and viable for drive to N.E. NO projects, stalled restorations, junk. Will pay price compatible with condition of vehicle. SERIOUS sales only please. Please send location and pics along with as much information as possible.<BR>Will respond to all email and notify this venue if no longer in market. Thank You.<P>------------------<BR>ÒvÓ

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SORRY the first ad I have posted here.. Well the second actually, the first ad sounded more professional and nice but when I got through it said I had to register to you could have my email address and also to have mails sent to me.... so I registered and it lost all my copy. SO I started writing again and I KNOW it was SUPPOSED to add in my email address but nope not there... so here it is..<P>amc@cyberportal.net <P>Sorry for the inconvenience and please if you have the truck I am looking for contact me. Would like to have within the next 6 months....or preferably MUCH earlier.... Thank You.<P>------------------<BR>ÒvÓ

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