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1929 Model M Stutz-Wheel nuts


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The left side would have left hand threads. Right side would have right hand threads. This feature was on many Chrysler products of the early 60's, frustrating a lot of people who didn't know about it and who tried to remove a wheel..............

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I think you 2 guys are speaking of different things! Otahuhu has Buffalo wire wheels that are held on with a threaded hubcap similar to this Houk:


These are right hand thread on left side and left hand thread on right side. Maybe you can see the markings.

These hubcaps have internal threads with male threads on the hubs.

Other brand such as Budd or Dayton dental drives have male threads on the hubcap and female threads in the hub, they are right hand thread on right side and left hand thread on left side!

I believe trimacar is refering to a more modern set of lug nuts ( 3,4,5,6 or more) that are in a circular pattern that would also hold a wheel to the hub.

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The 1929 Stutz has Buffalo wires with one central wheel lock nut with female thread. What is the theory to have the left hand threaded nut on the right side of vehicle given that the wheel rotates clockwise when the vehicle is moving forward) Would this not loosen a left hand threaded nut? Realise that there is a pawl that locks into the wheel hub that needs to be depress to take the nut off

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