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Buick Dealer Showroom Lighted Tri-Shield Sign?


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I'm looking at purchasing this illuminated, dealer showroom Buick Tri-Shield sign, and would like to get some ideas from members on fair market pricing. It is 36" in diameter, and features the red, gray, and blue tri-shield. The backing is the original 3/8" thick clear acrylic. There are a few light scratches here and there, but I would call the sign in very good condition overall.

Please let me know your ideas on a current price range for this sign. Feel free to post here or PM me, if you prefer. (I'm also posting this request for help on the regular Buick and the Reatta forums, since I imagine not everyone looks at all the Buick forums.) Thanks for your thoughts! John



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Dear Ed, I'm sorry, but Santa sees all and knows all. Here at the North Pole, even my lowliest elf knows that you have NOT been "a very good boy" this past year. Check your stocking on Christmas for a nice Yugo hood ornament. That's as good as it's going to get. Love, Santa (Jolly_John) Claus P.S. Nice try on the cookies and Wild Turkey, though.

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Guest buick*1

hmmm jolly John,beware of those wearing sheeps clothing that are a wolf!

sounds sneaky to me some advice youve got.My Grandpa says if you find something you want dont talk about it til you get it!

Best advice I can give you on the Buick signs, is there ONLY worth what your willing to pay,or can afford to pay.DOnt get suckered.

Just keep in mind,they dont make any "original" Buick items anymore,and to me,and I am a Buick nut,anything original Buick

is worth its weight in gold.If you dont want them,let me know,Id like to have them,but only IF YOU DONT WANT them.

Lots of times I found Buick stuff,and thought WOW,that's high,or really needed the item,and waited to long, and missed it, then

I really did get sick for NOT getting it.lol

SO, if you want them and they are not asking the price of a new Cadillac,buy them!

Good Luck!


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