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1931 Chevrolet Air Cleaner & Flame Arrestor Part No: 864375

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I have for sale a 1931 Chevrolet Air Cleaner & Flame Arrestor Part No: 864375, Pictures included in the link below. This was in my parts box that i got when I bought my project 1930 Chevrolet AD Universal - Canopy Express Truck (Huckster).

Air Cleaner is in great shape, a few dings,solid metal, with mounting bracket attached. Element (Flame Arrestor) is in great shape from what i can see. has been nicely stored, and looks great, ready to install or paint, etc...

Pictures can be seen here: Air Cleaner

Item for sale is the silver/Metal 1931 Air Cleaner, the other 4 pictures of Black Air Cleaners labeled as 01a, 01b, 02a, and 2b are for reference) NOT FOR SALE

I am Asking $125 plus shipping, may consider trade for needed 1930 Chevrolet Parts !! [Will trade for 1930 Air Cleaner w/ Tube in Good Shape]

If interested Please send me a PM or email me BearsFan411 at gmail dot com

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