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1930 Chevrolet Air Cleaner, Which One is Correct ??


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OK, Working on my restoration for my 1930 Chevrolet AD Universal - Canopy Express Truck (Huckster) I am looking for the Air Cleaner. I have seen several different models. Which one is correct and what does it actually look like. In my Master parts List here is what is listed:

Air Cleaner 1.00 864131

Also I know that many of the parts on my 1930 are from the passenger models, BUT there are a few exceptions for Truck parts. I just want to make sure that I am getting the correct Air Cleaner for my 1930.

Ok, take a look at these:

Huckster: Air Cleaner

Pictures Labeled as 01a & 01b then 02a & 02b are in regards to the Question, which year are they from/ used on.

01a&b: 19__

02a&b: 19__

Now looking at the Silver/ Plain metal Version (Remainder of Pictures), this is what I have on hand in my box of Parts for my 1930. It seems this is for the 1931 NOT the 1930 per my research, Is this Correct ??

If so i am willing to:

1- Trade my 1931 Air Cleaner for a 1930 Air Cleaner w/ Tube if someone has one and interested

2- I am willing to sell my 1931 Air Cleaner out right

3- Buy a good condition 1930 Air Cleaner w/ or w/o tube if you have one for sale

PM me if interested !!

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Can't say for sure but pictures 02a & b look like the air cleaner on Dad's '31 although Dad's doesn't have that right angle bracket with 2 holes. Maybe it fell off.

The reason I know is because we just removed it for cleaning in a few weeks ago and the images are fresh in my mind.



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