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Wanted To Buy Vintage Car - Truck ads

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Good morning,

I am interested in buying old car and truck ads so I can add to my collection.

Right now the automobiles I have are listed below. I clean them up and display them on my website for others to look at plus I print magnets using the car in the ad(s).

I am not looking for museum quality ads, just plain old ads, yellowed from age, musty from sitting in the garage for 30 years, etc... If you do not wish to sell them but possibly 'rent them' to me so I can scan them, we should be able to work something out. Photograph your ads and I may be able to also use them, this way you don't have to part with your ads.

Thank you,


Melbourne FL



[TD]AbbottAero WillysAllen - SmyserAmerican MotorsAmeican DarracqAppersonAtlasAuburnAutocarBaker ElectricBartholemewBenhamBiddleBriscoe-MaxwellBrush RunaboutBuickCadillacCartercarCase ThreshingCenturyChalmersChandlerChevroletChryslerClevelandCole AeroColumbiaCompoundCourierCrestmobileCrownCuttingDaytonDe Dion-BoutonDeere-ClarkDesotoDetroit ElectricDixieDodgeDortDreadnoughtDurantEdselElectric Vehicle CoElginElkhart Carriage CoElmoreEmpireEssexFlintFordFranklinFrazer[/TD]


[TD]GaethGarfordGMCGraham-PaigeGrantGrayHAL- LozierHaynesHolmesHudsonHupmobileJacksonJefferyJordanKaiserKimballKingKisselLafayetteLambert-BuckeyeLewisLexingtonLibertyLincolnLincolnLocomobileMaibohmMarionMarmonMarquetteMathesonMaxwellMcintyreMercuryMilburnMitchellMolineMoonNashNational MotorNordykeNorthernOaklandOhio Electric CarOldsmobilePackardPaigePatersonPathfinderPeerlessPierce-ArrowPlymouthPontiacPope[/TD]

[TD]PremierPullmanRamblerRauch Lang ElectricRegal Motor CarReoRollinRoot - VandervootSaxonScripps - BoothSimplexSpeedwellStandard SteelStevens-DuryeaStudebakerStarStearnsStephensStoddardStutzTemplarVeleWaverly ElectricWayneWestcottWhippetWhiteWillys-KnightWillys-OverlandWintonWoods ElectricZimmerman[/TD]



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My grandfather was like a kid ripping out pages of his father's magazines all the car ads he could find. He also alphabetically listed over 1500 car/carriage manufacturers. He restored a couple of Mercers and was one of the original seven who started the SCCA, in 1944. I have photos as well, including the famous Duesenberg 16 valve "Walking Beam". ? I had no idea! Thought it was my grandfather's Mercer. The ads I have in color are....Mercer, Marmon, Pierce-Arrow, Willys-Knight Six, Lincoln, Chandler Six and Fiat. -last two a little dirty. B/W cover ads...Wills St. Claire, Packard. Medium to small B/W ads...Abbott-Detroit, American Bicycle Co., Atlas, Babcock Electric, Brush, Buffalo Electric, Cadillac, Chandler, Columbia Electric, Consolidated, Deere, Dodge Bros., Elect. Vehicle, Elmore, Everitt, Everybodys, Ford, Franklin, Graham- Paige, Haynes, Haynes-Apperson, Holsman, Hudson, Jackson, Jewell, Knox, Lincoln, Locomobile, Marmon, Maxwell; M.-Briscoe, Mercer, Mobile, National, Northern, Overland, Packard,Peerless, Pope-Hartford;-Toledo;-Waverly,Premier, Rambler,Rapid, Rauch& Lang, Riker, Royal, Stevens Duryea, Stoddard-Dayton, Studebaker, Templar, Victor, Waverly Electric, Wayne, White, Wills St. Claire, Willys-Knight;-Overland, Winton, Woods. These are just loose pages collected from 1899-1910. I have magazines-some good covers, some not or missing from 1890-1910-Cosmo, Putnams, Century, McClures. I find what you do is great. I thought I had an old iron-on decal photo sheet. Wanted to try and print a picture for fun, but I believe I threw it out long ago. Bren

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