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Ford Times magazine, 32 issues, Aug 1966-Jan 1975

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These are the issues included, and an article of interest in each:

Aug 66 Shelby cars

May 69 Maverick intro

June69 Recreation fleet

Oct 69 1970 Models

Nov 69 Wardrobe for your Maverick

Dec 69 Torino for 1970

Jan 70 Thunderbird for 1970

Mar 70 Recreation equipment

Nov 70 Fords for 1971

Sep 71 Torino for 1971

Jul 72 Eleven Wagons

Jan 73 Thunderbird 1973

Mar 73 Pinto 1973

Apr 73 1973 Buyers Digest

June73 Americas Best Selling Wagons

July 73 Fords 1973 Pickups

Aug 73 Experimental Safety Vehicle

Sep 73 Tent Camping Up to Date

Oct 73 Mustang II Intro

Nov 73 The 1974 Fords

Dec 73 Big Ford Line for 1974

Feb 74 Pamper Yourself with a T-Bird

Mar 74 Gran Torino Elite

Apr 74 1974 Buyers Digest

May 74 Ford's #1 in Small Cars

June74 Americas Most Popular Station Wagons

July 74 Pinto

Aug 74 Ford Car Colors

Oct 74 Scene 75--The New Fords

Nov 74 Why 55

Dec 74 Mustang II

Jan 75 T-Bird and Ford Elite

$30 for all, shipped to US48, or $6 each for individual issues.


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