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Join us "Dodgers" for an interesting discussion - Rod vs Restoration

1936 D2

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Hello all! This is just a quick post to let you know of an interesting discussion going on in the "Dodge and Dodge Brothers" section.

The question again came up about "Restoration/Preservation" vs "Rodding" in a couple of our threads. So to prevent the issue from intruding on the original subject of those threads, we made a separate one to try and air out the issue. This is probably an issue that is across the hobby. Us "Dodgers" have jumped in on the discussion and have accumulated a rather interesting discussion on the subject of "Rodding" vs. "Restoration/Preservation".

Maybe you would like to stop by and check it out! This is NOT just a Dodge issue. I'm sure you all have stories and opinions to add! Here is a hot link for your convenience.


Also I ask you take a moment to review posts #1 - #13 - #36 & #99 right away for some background on the subject and a few "ground rules" to keep it on track.

Glad to meet you there! Have fun! ;)

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