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Post War Continentals going for Auction this Saturday 12-8-12 near Detroit


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One of my customers at work operates a tow yard, and has monthy auctions. There are some interesting cars in this month's auction, including two post-war Continentals.

I just thought you guys might want to know about this:

Vans Towing - Our Public Auto Auction - Rosevillle Michigan



Prices might be good.

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Yes, that's what led me to the auction, this tow company is a client of ours and he casually dropped that they were having their monthly auction and that there were some old cars in the bunch this time. I'm a Packard guy (although I could learn to like a K Lincoln, and will never like Continentals from a mechanical standpoint) I posted the Packards over on www.Packardinfo.com, I thought you guys here on the Lincoln forum should know about these jewels in the rough.

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V8 is a Packard 12. They say most parts are in the car. They e-mailed pics of the Lincolns. One has v12 , Other has

Flathead V-8. Can't tell which one from the pix. Many parts are on the interior of the car.

Did not ask about internet bidding. Have requested info. about titles or bill of sale. Waiting for an answer.


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