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FOR SALE: brand new old dietz model 510 back up fog lights with yellow glass lens

Guest richg88

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Guest richg88

Hello everyone, I have been watching this forum for a while but just now got around to registering, I have been cleaning out a garage of all stuff from the 40's and earlier. Last week I came across this box (in very bad shape) and I opened it up and found this set of Dietz model 510 back up fog lights I believe they are calling them, this set of lights was brand new when purchased however long ago, they are in mint condition, also in the box was the orginal switch which even still has the tagg underneath the fuse, and all mounting hardware, it seems someone bought them threw them in the garage still wrapped in box and never put them on. I am asking $225 for the whole kit, it is not going to get any better than these, guaranteed, I will put some pics up later when I get time however if you are interested in these lights message me with your email address and I will send you the pics I just took if no one has any interest I guess I will throw them on ebay or something. I have been finding lots of old car stuff so as I find the stuff I will post here first as long as everyone thats a forum member does not mind, thanks and let me know if you want to see the pics richg88

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