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1954 Buick 41D

Guest 54fins

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This is a 1954 Buick 4 door sedan. Mr Earl found it on Craig's list in Colorado. The owner had several Buicks, needed quick cash so I bought the lot. The big up side to this car is being a dessert car, it has no rust, whatsoever. It is completely solid. It was a perfect parts car, but It was just too solid to part it out. So, I had some fun getting it running and painted on a shoestring budget. Given it had never been repainted and did not need bodywork, it was a snap. It did have a door dent but I had a leftover parts car, a 4 door. The paint job came out nearly perfect, which happens when you start with a good body. Thus far, I have 3K in the car and I'm willing to sell it at cost. It's very fun, but too many projects and not enough time. I've seen guys buy rust buckets for more. This car won't eat you alive or fall apart. So, what is needed? Interior. The seats had nesting mice so they need to be redone. Otherwise, very little. The shocks are tired and the tires are good radials, but not whitewalls. The car starts right up and the tranny doesn't leak (very odd, most do) The chrome is presentable and not pitted, but not redone. The windows are nearly perfect. New door seals. This car runs and drives, I have a fair knowledge of 54 buicks and this one is excellent. I did de-gunk the engine and have full compression, no smoke. The car was completely power washed with the interior stripped. Seats back in for driving. The car is in the Denver area and could likely drive home, assuming you understand that old cars sometimes can have issues. Also, I might meet you in a neighboring state. I would like to see it live on and an interior job would be your only major expense. I hate to see guys pick up a rust bucket and end up dropping 10K plus and still have a bad body. This one is straight, all doors close perfect and no bondo. The dented door was replaced rather than work it. It's also quite sharp. It would be an easy candidate for judging or just a nice low cost classic. The 3K is a no haggle price. Take it or leave it. :rolleyes:54fins@gmail.com










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Not the ideal time of year! What is sad is seeing someone buy one for 1500 to 2K, then end up spending 8K and still having a bondo bucket. When I say solid, I'm not kidding. You cant do the bodywork for this price. It's a nice winter car, just too tempting to use for parts.

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Guest chevy_dude97

No kidding, nice vehicle find and fix. If I didn't already own 3 cars and live in the middle of the ocean I would be all over this. Maybe if you still have it next winter as I drive cross country I would be willing to drag a car trailer with me... Good luck finding a home for her!

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My regrets to interested parties, but this car was really for a special case (pun intended) I have a 27 year old buyer. Although he doesn't meet the age 50 plus required by Buick, he could be our hope for the future of the BCA. He is also taking it to the nationals. If you have a sighting of a 54 special 4 door and the driver does not have grey hair, this is not your Viagra and blood pressure medicine playing tricks on you. It is the Buick bandit with his wife and the baby. Yes, he stole the car, but it was legal.

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