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Guest unijimmy

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Guest unijimmy

I'm parting with my 1930 Flying Cloud. She's a Model 20 and since you are REO folks you already know the following:

  • 120" wheelbase
  • in-line 6
  • hydraulic brakes
  • she's a 5 passenger 4-door
  • steel spoke wheels (2 spares ride on running boards and into fenders)
  • trunk rack for carrying trunk

The car is very solid. She is a southern car and has no rust troubles other than very minor surface area here and there. The car is located in south Metro-Atlanta (Henry County). I acquired the car in a trade for one of my very nice racing bikes (race-built turbo Hayabusa). The car is at my old neighbors home (Frank). Frank knows a lot about the car. He re-worked the brakes, put on a new head gasket (the previous owner had removed the head to see the pistons -- go figure!) and that's why the new head gasket was needed. The paint appears to be original (has the lacquer cracks). The canvas/dope top appears to be original but is in very good shape. The wooden running boards need replaced. All-in-all she is a gem for restoring. However, with only a few small things completed she's ready for the road. Feel free to call me: (Jim) 607-638-5492. I'll put you in touch with Frank directly so you can chat with him. He's a great mechanic and can answer your questions and tell you all he's done to the car.

I wish that I had the money and time to keep the car and bring it up to my place here in Upstate, NY because I LOVE REO FCs. Unfortunately I am not a wealthy man and I have other projects that must be completed. Also, I love my motorcycles and I'm in the middle of a build that I want to finish before summer rolls around here in Upstate. So if you're looking for a good solid REO Flying Cloud this is your chance. I was hoping to get back what I have in her which is $13k.







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Guest unijimmy

FYI, it was won on an eBay auction. The winner is in California and the car is in Georgia and the winner decided to not go through with the transaction. Uggggg! So -- she's back on eBay again. Imagine that!

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