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Removing a CD player questions


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It is really not that bad. With practice, it only takes a few minutes. There are three basic operations:

1.) Remove the center console shifter bezel - to allow removal of the CD player bezel:

- Pry out the storage box. Easiest to start in the rear.

- Unscrew the two screws holding the black bezel. (Ronnies instructions are misleading here. Do NOT remove the screw under the ashtray yet.)

- Gently separate the black portion of the bezel away from the 'chrome' sides, pop the two tangs that are between the ash tray and the storage box, then the other two tangs that are in front of the shifter. Remove the black bezel.

- Unscrew the ashtray screw and two screws in front of the shifter to remove the 'chrome' piece.

- Unscrew the two screws holding the CD player bezel in place, then pop the two tangs holding it in. You will probably need to move the shifter out of PARK in order to pull it out.

2.) Remove the IPC bezel - to allow access to the upper knee bolster screws:

- Do NOT try to separate the black portion from the 'chrome' portion. They are bonded together.

- Unscrew the four T-15 screws holding it in. One at the top of each HVAC duct, two above the IPC cluster.

- Pop the tangs starting with the one above the HVAC controls, then the two under the radio, and then one on each side of the steering wheel.

3.) Finally remove the knee bolster to access the screws holding the CD player sled in place:

- Remove the two nuts holding the bottom of the knee bolster. A deep socket is useful.

- Unscrew the obvious screws holding the top of the bolster, and on either side of the CD player sled

- Remove the CD player sled

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