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Need Advise on best type of grease with pics.

Guest AlanD

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Starting to put the multi-disc clutch back together. Got all the old gunk and grease off the dry clutch plates, and have a new roller bearing.

Here's the set up: The drive roller bearing goes up inside the spindle that holds the clutch discs. For this picture I didn't put the clutch discs on the spindle that I'm holding in my hand ( left in pic) but normally they would be on there.


The roller bearing goes up inside the spindle,

post-75896-143139281538_thumb.jpglike this.

Now all this fits onto the shaft in the flywheel.

post-75896-143139281541_thumb.jpgand like I said, normally the clutch discs would be there too.

So my question is - What type of grease should I use on that roller bearing?

If it's too light it will sling out and get all up in the clutch discs again. And with how much should I pack it. I'm used to packing them up full like wheel bearings. I think either too much or the wrong type of grease was used before.

Also, there is a throwout bearing that I need to grease too.


I have it all clean in there and I want to put it back together correctly, so I appreciate your input.

Thank you,


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