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1929 PLymouth U - recent acquisition

Guest brian1929

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Guest brian1929


New to the forum - been "lurking" and reading posts for a month now... I just became the caretaker of a 29 Plymouth. Curious if anyone can get me the part numbers for some missing parts? Air cleaner assy.? Horn? Entire wiper assy missing (there is a valve just under the dash that I'm assuming is for the wipers) gaskets for the carb, sediment bowl and vac-pump? There are other "odds and ends" it seems to be missing as well - the distributor is being held in place (timing wise) by a bungee cord.

I can see a clamp to hold a cable on the side of the valve cover access, and it looks as though that would line up with the distributor's "lever", but I don't have any idea how this was controlled.

Also, there are two "levers"? on around the horn button that seem to be broken off. What are these for?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me!


Creston, Iowa

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Guest martylum

Brian-if you are going to spend much time with your car better get yourself an early Plymouth parts book from a literature vendor and/or a 29 Plymouth owners manual which both have various blowups of mechanical parts. Go online for specific rebuilders of the various mechanical parts . The timing is probably by dash cable and the 2 levers are hand throttle and light switch.

Castings of the 2 levers were available in stainless from Verdone Castings In PA based on my supplied originals. Check online.

Good luck and do some digging.

Martin Lum

1930 Desoto

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Guest brian1929


Thanks for the info!

Is there a specific site to find the "specific rebuilders"?

The guy that had it before me 'donated' a '"Plymouth Master Parts List" final edition for all models prior to 1934'. It's about an inch thick. I have the owners manual on order (at least I think it is the owner's manual) Every time I open the parts list I find more treasures!

The headlights have been 'converted' I guess then - to a pull switch. One notch out is low beam, two notches out (fully out) is high beam (with the 'deer lights' up on the cowl)

I don't have any trouble starting the car (don't have a crank) - especially after it's warmed up. Is the spark advance only needed when starting with a hand-crank? I'd still like to have the switches/levers on the steering column.

Again, thanks for your response!


The DeSoto was under the umbrella of Chrysler too, wasn't it?

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