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1952 Buick Power steering details


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Hello, I have a 52'roadmaster with manual steering. I have located a 52' roadmaster with power steering out of state. I have a question.

Were the 4 barrel power steering intakes used on the 52' Roadmaster different than the manual steering? Casting numbers say yes. According to the gentlemen out of state, the 4 barrel 320 with power steering has a casting number of 1345315-3 and my manual steering 4 barrel intake is DEFINITELY 1345375-4? I realize he could he be mistaking his 1 to be a 7. However I am not sure about the -3 and -4 differences? He also states that there is a bracket for the power steering that mounts to a boss. I have been awaiting pics but he isn't very computer savvy so i have to wait on future pics.

I thought someone just may be able to help me on this wonderful board. Thanks. Matt.

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