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1933 PD Plymouth mystery parts for identification


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Plymouth folks,

These were with a 1933 Plymouth PD Convertible Coupe I bought in 1981. It was the usual "fix up" using 33 and 34 parts. I drove the car home but also brought home many of it's parts in boxes. These were among them. They have the same primer and blue/black metal flake overspray. Can someone with a coupe or convertible coupe with the upholstery panels removed see if they actually go to these cars?? I think they are too tall to mount vertically, they are bowed, they have attaching screws on one end only. Your help is appreciated.



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Hi Erick,

Thanks, I knew they went to the PD but I did not know where. Do they mount vertical or horizontal as this will save me some time figuring how they attach.

My first guess is vertical in the center of the door?


Having more fun with old cars than should be allowed.

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