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1930 REO Flying Cloud Model 20

Guest unijimmy

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Guest unijimmy

post-89832-143139279878_thumb.jpgI have finally determined that I will not have the time nor energy and money to make my REO into the car I want. I still like my motorcycles too much! I acquired my REO several years ago in a trade for one of my racing bikes. That means that I have $13,000 in the car. I'll consider best offers as well. It is a southern car and has no rust problems. It appears to be an original car. I had intended to do a total restoration but as already mentioned -- it ain't happening!

The Reo Flying Cloud Model 20 is quite a nice automobile. It has hydralic brakes, the famous "silent 2nd gear", the motor was warranted in 1930 for 100, 000 miles (look it up and you'll see!), and the car will do over 70 mph. Don't try that in a 1930 Ford or Chevy. :eek: The model 20 has the 120 inch wheel base, 4 door and 5 passenger seating, 2 spares that ride on the front fenders, the wheels are steel spokes (not the lesser Model 15 wooden wheels), and the rear rack for the trunk carrying. The top even appears to be the original dope/canvas.

I am in Upstate, NY and the car is just south of Atlanta, GA at my old neighbors home. He knows most everything about it and I will put you in touch with him. He can show it to you. Feel free to call me at 607-638-5492 and I'll do my best to answer your questions. My name is Jim Blake. BTW, I spoke with an antique auction and transportation museum owner this morning and he tells me that in the past 6 months only 4 Model 20s went through auctions world-wide (prices ranged from $ mid-teens to over $30k. It is a rare car. On a scale of 1-10 mine is a 7.5 to an 8. Finish off the restoration and you have an automobile worth lots more than you'll have in it. Plus, the car is amazing for it's time period. I can email pics as well. You can see pics in my profile as well.

Thank you for your consideration.






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Guest unijimmy

Yikes Mr. Carlisle 1926. I stand corrected and my wife is now letting me know that I have made a mistake!!!!! I thought she still believed I was perfect.

I re-checked the stats and see that in my reading of several years ago I saw something about the Flying Cloud and a 120, or so number, all in the same paragraph. My old-fart brain re-gathered the tangled information and remembered it as the top speed of the FC. I now see that I read (in the same paragraph) that the newly introduced Royale had a 125 hp straight eight. I'm thinking therein lies my boo boo. Plus I once read an article about a stock FC entering a sanctioned race and it came in very well at the finish against pro-built cars! I am sorry and I'll go in and try to edit. I did see that the FC will do a bit over 70 mph with 4 passengers with little effort. Hey, that beats the last two Model A Sedans I drove (still loved the scary ride in the upper 40's going down hill).

Here's a nice little article that you may not have seen about the FC climbing Stone Mtn. Have you seen it?

The Montreal Gazette - Google News Archive Search

Hope you enjoy it. Again, my apologies for my blunder. Always remember -- this was my first blunder -- you can ask my wife. :rolleyes:

BTW, it appears that your war-bird needs a new prop -- and a rear end too! See, I know aircraft too. HA!!!

Thanks again,


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