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1955 Chrysler - 1956 Ford Police Car Postcard. Neat!

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Here's a nice holiday gift item....or heck, buy it for yourself. This nifty postcard shows a young girl in a 1955 Chrysler Windsor convertible being pulled over by a big ol' deputy driving a 1956 Ford police car. The caption reads "Taking Dad's car for a spin...Oh, Oh!"

Quality black and white photography. NOTE: The postcard itself is MUCH CLEARER AND SHARPER than my crummy little photo makes it appear. The back of the postcard has the standard spaces for for a message, addressee and postage stamp.

This postcard was never used. I have several of these available. They are just $5.50 each, INCLUDING shipping in the U.S. I welcome your personal check, a money order, or PayPal. Please message me or post here, if you'd like to make a purchase. Thanks, John


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