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MrEarl's Barn Sale 3 speed, 53 exhaust manifolds, more


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Guest martylum

Mr. Earl-do you have in your assortment of spare 53 parts the anchor pin plate which fits tween the brake shoes and the upper shoe springs at the upper anchor pin. One seems to have gotten away.

Had an interesting experience with relined rear brake shoes-Bought new rear drums and new lined shoes. Installed the new shoes but could not fit on the drums. Turns out the new shoe lining is .281" thick. The thicker lining makes the across the minimum shoe dimension 12 1/16"-too large for a 12" drum. The original lining was .181. the difference in thickness prevents a 12" drum from fitting over the linings even when fully retracted. The brake vendor is going to have a set of lined shoes ground down to .181 thickness for me so I think problem solved. If I had reused the original .075 over drums this would not have been a problem.

Thanks for your fine participation and good advice.

Hope you can help me with this pesky part.

Also a comment on the hydraulic plumbing for this car to power window, seat, and top. Ordered a new set of prebent tubes from a vendor and received 16 new tubes with NO labeling. Perhaps half of the tubes were an obvious fit but the rest were either wrong or had to be rebent to install. Keep your old tubing in these cases.

Martin Lum

1953 Buick 76 X


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