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Sidedraft Franklin grill assy for sale--153 deluxe


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Grill assy is for sale. Item is just like I got it in 2004 as a spare for my 151 Victoria; was painted black years ago to prevent rusting while in storage I suppose. NO dents or damage. Plating is required. $400.00 FOB

Greensboro, NC. Can do PayPal. Includes all shown, shutters, grill support rod, mech & 151 mascot.

This grill is NOT for a 151 Franklin.For a Deluxe #153. 152??? The crank hole is 9" to center from the grill bottom and 8" up from the shutter bottom pivot plate; grill is 3" F to B at top.

rdryman (at) gmail.com

12 photos at



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