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8-Lug Drums/Wheels/Rings/Caps for sale.


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I have a set of 65-68 eight lug drums, six wheels, four hub caps and trim rings for sale. Liners are getting on the thin side, I have not gauged them. They were on my car and were removed as I wanted to change the look of it and went back to 15" as it was originally built. Five wheels have tires on them, but they are old (1995) and I while I drove on them as late as 2010, i really don't recommend it even though they have real good tread and no sidewall cracks.

Asking $800.00 but will look at all offers. Local pickup only BUT depending where you are Michigan/Ontario/Illinois/Indiana/Kentucky/Tennessee and points south I have a friend who is a freight expediter and could possibly deliver for a reasonable price as long as time is not critical. We can discuss this if it is a workable solution.

Photos available if interested.

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