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Assorted 55-56 Buick Parts For Sale


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First thing, photos are available on all items. All plus shipping except the engine. That is a local pickup only. Open to reasonable offers too.

Have 4 '56 wheel covers for sale, not perfect as they have some dings. Plastic centers there but paint flaking/fading. $150.00

1955 264 Dynaflow engine almost complete. Missing generator and air cleaner. Last run in 2008. Pulled in 2009 and garage stored since. Owned the car with this engine since 1979. Possibly torn down once before I got the car (at the time parked since 1964) but not sure. Had good oil pressure mid gauge but a cold piston slap or wrist pin that cleared up when warm. It always ran well, in fact in the mid 80's I was on radared at 95/55 by New Mexico State Police (volunteer Firefighter/EMT going to a call), Did a valve grind in '98 and saw nothing to cause alarm in the cylinders. I really can't remember if the pistons were oversize or standard, been a long time ago. $300.00 as a builder core but it could be used as is. Again, local pickup only on this item.

Pertronix Ignitor electronic ignition for up to 56 Buicks. New in box. $75.00 I paid $95.00 for it and never installed it.

Dyna-Flyte dual point plate kit for same. Used,this is the one with the ball bearing movement. From what a few "old" (older than me) guys said these were preferred over Mallory conversions as the ball bearings made for smoother advance and retard. $25.00

I have also a new set of rear wheel bearings and inner races for a 40-60 Series, all New Departure Hyatt and some rear wheel bearing seals. $150.00 for all.

Delco NOS starter solenoid $75.00 Have a used one without the boot and dirty, $25.00

I ship with USPS Priority whenever possible.

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Open to reasonable offers too.
now I like that part.....

Interested in the dual point kit (got a picture/how much "used") and the rear wheel bearings and races. When you say a "set" presume you're speaking both sides? I didn't think there was a difference in rw bearings for 40/60 and 50/70 and actually I thought rear wheel bearings were interchangeable. all series from back in the mid 30's up to end of 55. Let me check on that get back?

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