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Auto Reelite

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Is there someone who can repair the cord retractor and switches on Auto Reelites? They were an accessory on Model T's to mount on the windshield upright. You could unhook the light and use as a trouble light and the cord would reel back in like a window shade.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Guest tmodelman

A local lamp repair shop should fix you up just fine. The insides are pretty simple , a re-wind wheel and old time cord. Locksmith or watch re-pairer could do the mechanics if needed. Depends on how rough your Reel Lite is and if parts or missing or busted.

The switch is cardboard pinned contact, that may be the hardest thing to fix factory like. Depends to on expectations, a replacement style switch could be substituted. Perhaps finding a better one at swaps or eBay may help.





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