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I just bought sight-unseen a radiator for my 37 coupe from a guy in WA state that supposedly came from a nice driver condition car.

Pictures werent available, the seller was older and I'm guessing not too tech savvy.

The radiator is due in anyday now and still not sure what to expect when I open the box. Does anyone have any good reference pictures of what the H-8005 for 36-37 is supposed to look like?

For that matter, what were the main differences between the H-series, 06H (38-41) and 26H (42-48)?

Just a little worried that I might also end up with a stock 37 Ford unit.

I suppose once I've verified it is from a 37, I'll need it gone through thoroughly. Not sure the local radiator shop has seen one of this vintage in a few decades. Can anyone recommend a good radiator restoration shop capable of handling a full restoration to show level condition?


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