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65 Riv Gran Sport for sale - $45k in Calgary


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Sierra Mist??? No such color. Looks like Sahara Mist to me with the Saddle Custom Vinyl Interior. He says this is the only Gran Sport in this color combo. Funny, as I have a Sahara Mist with Saddle Interior GS that is fully optioned.

He mentions the car received hardened valve seats. That would be a deterrent to me.

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OK Riviera People: This may sound like I'm talking out of both sides of my mouth but I really can't see the huge price discrepancy between a standard and a GS. I drove a 65 GS for many years and it was satisfying to my ego. Actually I compare my old attraction for that car like my attraction to the 60 Invicta Custom. The 65 GS has the 2 fours, the IC has the buckets. Both extreme novelty items for the time especially for a young Buick guy looking at the room through Chevrolet room where there were performance and sporty cars all over the place.

Today I still own my 65 GS and if I had to do it over I would choose to buy the quality one. I believe that First Gen Rivs are very hard cars to restore and value needs to be considered by three different things, and remember, certain makes of cars are much more forgiving than others.

1. Overall quality, which would be condition and authenticity if an original style.

2. Personality, which is a color and equipment mix blended with condition and overall appearance, especially with a custom/modified one.

3. How much a buyer likes the car within their budget.

That mythology with the muscle cars has got more than one buyer in trouble similar to the California Black Plate nonsense. It has also had many people shoot themselves in the foot because they didn't even consider anything other than a muscle car. Mitch

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