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37 Roadmaster Phaeton top latch interchange info needed


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Hello all,

I am still trying to find outer top latches for my 37 Roadmaster Phaeton. I am having no luck, so the next question is, what other model uses the same latch? I don't have a parts book or anything that would show the interchange for this part. If someone has a parts book that would show what other models might use the same latches it would expand my search for parts.

My car is a 1937 Roadmaster model 80C. The parts I am trying to find are the driver and passenger side convertible top latches. I have the catches on the windshield posts but not the latch assembly that mounts to the top, I do have the center latch assembly. If anyone could look in a parts / interchange book and let me know if these parts are the same as other models/ years I would greatly appreciate the help.



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