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1957 Buick Special Convertible - Asking $3500.00

Joe Cocuzza

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This is not mine but I went to look at it today. It needs someone with deep pockets and a lot of time.

It needs EVERYTHING but it is nearly complete. Has engine and trans.

The floors are rusted but the outer body seemed solid.

The guy (Jason) selling it said his dad was going to junk it so he bought it from him.

He also said to make an offer on it.

Call 484-547-1705 - ask for Jason.

The car is in Northeast Penna.

I hope someone saves this one.







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Exactly where is the car located? Is it currently a roller?


This one is callng you. Offer $2000 and see what happens. Whether there is a little rust or a lot, it all needs stripped down and a full restoration but the end result will be all smiles on a nice October afternoon with your left forearm on the door. Aaahhhh

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Just spoke with the owner . Said he took a deposit on the car from a fella in Scranton PA. Sold it for $2700. I initially offered him 2K and brought my offer up to $2500. He was still holding out for $3500 at the time. I have a one owner 1966 Wildcat convertible I have been dealing on for a while now. They have owned it for 46 years and I am more anxious to buy it than they are to sell it. Price isn't the issue, letting go of the car is.

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