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WTB :'38 Buick Gearbox

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Please be careful in your search. The 1937 and 1938 are almost the same, except there are some slight differences in the gearboxes. I know this from experience, since I own a '38 Special. For some reason, it came with a '37 gearbox. I found a '38 gearbox, then tried to make one good transmission out of the two. Most parts are interchangeable, but the input shaft, the case itself, and some details in the shifter are different. The input shaft spline is a different size, so this means the clutch disk is different. So, I made the best transmission I could, but had to re-use the '37 case and input shaft. I still hope to finish the '38 transmission some day, then use it with a new clutch - otherwise, I would sell it to you!

Good luck!

Frohe Weinachten!


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Thanks Jeff for your Warning. I have the '38 Manual and there inside stands the same Differents. Thats why i'm search only for a '38 Box.

Thanks again. And when do you know if your '38 Gearbox is for sale ?? :cool:

Danke,und auch frohe Weihnachten :)

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Hello. I know if a guy who probably has a complete tranny for a 38 special.

I had one in my parts car but could not get it off his property and dont know if it is still there but he had many trannys on the shelf. He might sell one no guarentee I

I dont like giving out his number as here screwed me over and is family no less l

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Hi Jenz,

I'm surprised to see you haven't found a transmission yet. Have you tried calling Dave Tacheny (763-427-3460, best time to call him is 5-7 Central time)? The 37-38 yahoo group (http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/1937and1938Buicks/) is free to join and might be able to help? One other option might be joining the BCA and 36-38 Club which is a division of the BCA (http://3638buickclub.org/) and advertising in the Bugle and 36-38 Club newsletter.


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