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What Make was this Brass Era Car?


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I found this picture studying Richmond County, N. Carolina history. I've looked for many many hours but still can't surely identify what make of car is the big one near the middle. This is just for curiosity's sake..

What stands out to me are gas headlights high mounted on a cross bar, the plain flat fenders that curve downward at the front & are really close to the tires, the relatively short, peaked radiator with steep angled top, an apparent "crease" in hood where top meets sides, the gentle curve of the frame rails where they meet the front springs, relatively small wheels compared to some really expensive cars, right hand drive (common but worth noting), it may have a straight front axle or may not, it's hard to see in my pic, and it almost appears that there is a curved "cowl" of sorts between the hood & the dashboard. The windshield looks to be folded down.





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Cool! Thanks! I thought I'd seen one with high lights like that before... but couldn't find it online.

Yep that looks like it, sans the weird snaky horn! 2nd pic of that type horn I've seen in a day.

I thought the hood line was rising as it went back. Your pic shows that too. I'm gonna study online to find something about Hupmobile. Seems like they petered out fairly quick, by the Depression? If you have a minute feel free to add any detail about them. Else thanks anyway.. :-)

I plan to be having more fun on this site now that I've found it. :-)


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That's a Hupp for sure, just a little later....probably a 1912, 1913, or 1914...the longer stamped steel running boards weren't on the 1909-1911 Model 20's....and the high lights started in late 1911....

That's what I get for Googling it!

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