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Buick Mystery Artillery Wheel (1935?)

Guest KeithElwell

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Guest KeithElwell

Forum members. I have a 16" wheel I bought somewhere (don't recall where) that I thought for sure was for my 1936 Buick Series 40. However this wheel is not the same as my other wheels. If you didn't know better or measure carefully you would think this matches 1936 wheels exactly. But here is what tips me off that it is not for 1936:

Faint remaining pinstriping on wheel shows it has a single circular stripe on the outer portion of the wheel, not the inner part of the wheel with the lug nut and hub holes.

This pinstripe is not the scalloped shape which would be correct for 1936.

The outer diameter of this wheel (17.25") is smaller than my other wheels. (I do realize this is not how you measure it as a 16" wheel). Although it is a 16" wheel.

This is a very solid wheel and I am not really advertising it for sale - but I don't intend to use it for my 1936 Buick 40 Series car. So once it is identified, it is available to another member that needs it.


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