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westinghouse shocks


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I have been looking at a 1915 Locomobile that is equipped with westinghouse shocks. But in reviewing any pictures I can find or the sales catalog I can't find one with these shocks. What I was wondering was if anyone knows if these shocks were factory equipment or after market add ons. The car is a limo and they look correct for the car. I have also seen them on other big cars such as Packards.

Thanks- Mike

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Westinghouse made the shocks as well as railroad air brakes, electrical equipment etc. They were a popular accessory on luxury cars of the period. Many large cars in those days, were custom built to suit the taste of the original owner. He could specify certain shock absorbers, gauges, upholstery material, radiator mascot etc etc. All accessories made by outside suppliers but installed by the factory or the dealer. So chances are, they were installed at the factory or at least they could have been.

But funny things can happen to a car in nearly 100 years. It is also possible they were added when the car was a late model, or even during a restoration 50 years later.

Can you find a serial number, model number, or take some photos? If they can be proven to have been made in 1915 it would tend to confirm they were on the car from new.

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